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Individual sessions:
These sessions may vary and can be altered to suit your needs. In general, sessions are:
  - Telephone sessions
  - Consultations/Coaching in Motivational Interviewing or Client-Centered, Outcome-Informed Counseling
Client-centered treatment methods & interventions available:
  - Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT)
  - Motivational Interviewing (MI)
  - Solution-Focus Brief Therapy (SFBT)
  - Stages of Change (SOC)
  - Harm Reduction Psychotherapy (HRP)
  - Relapse Prevention (RP)
  - 12-Step
  - Creative Inquiry
  - Seeking Safety (trauma, women, & substance use)
  - Client Directed, Outcome Informed Work (CDOI)
  - Coping Skills (anger; stress)
  - Energy tapping
  - Community Reinforcement Approach & Family Training (CRAFT)
  - Gender-Responsive, Trauma-Informed work (GRTI) new!!
  - Pain Management (FM/CFS-ME)

Couples & Families:
- CRAFT and other appropriate interventions Individually determined based on the desires and needs of the family.

Trainings available in these areas:
- Motivational Interviewing
- PTSD/Trauma, Substance Use Disorders, and Women
- Client-Centered Approaches
- Solution- Focused Brief Therapy
- Harm Reduction Psychotherapy
- Gender-Responsive, Trauma-Informed work (GRTI) new!!
-Client Directed, Outcome Informed Work (CDOI)

Trainings can be modified to fit your setting and/or budget. Costs are individually determined based on location, preparation required, and facility. In general, trainings are:
  - 3-hour
  - 6-hour (1-Day)
  - 2-Day
  - 3-Day
Shorter presentations, conference appearances, & talks are also available

Want to improve your MI skills and are short on time? MI coaching over the phone is the solution! Submit an audiotape, set a consult time, and off we go. Bring your acting skills and a sense of humor! Reasonably priced; also get 1 free coaching session with any  training you attend!

After MI trainings, to assist in making a smoother transition for clinicians, I encourage follow-up sessions for all trainings. Recent evidence (see Miller, 2004) shows that trainings with coaching-style follow ups are the best way to gain & retain your MI skills. These “coachings” may be included in the training price and are uniquely designed to fit each agency, setting, or individual.

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