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Dee-Dee helped me get to a remarkable new place in my life, a place of fulfillment and presence and genuine participation. I am writing up a storm since I worked with Dee-Dee. I am able to manage my drinking, and even my eating and exercise habits are changing as I am becoming more comfortable with the idea of self-care and self-worth.

I am deeply grateful to Dee-Dee for the insightful, strong, supportive presence she was during our work together. She has a remarkable ability to nurture and challenge at the same time, and to help her clients see and feel the strength they already possess.

I am excited to live my life fully and powerfully, and I can't recommend Dee-Dee's help enough to anyone who would like to do the same.


MI Coaching: A new use for an old product – the phone:

"With taping, I hear just how often I miss - and dismiss - the solutions offered by my patients. Thanks, Dee-Dee!"

Dr. Cathy McDonald.




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